Medical Mask wholesale info

Disposable Medical Mask Multi-functional 3-Layer Safety Mask

[Product Name]: Disposable Medical Mask
[Material]: Made of medical non-woven fabric
[Use]: Medical
[Quantity]:20 Pcs
[Precautions, warnings and tips]:
1. This mask is for one-time use and should be destroyed after use;
2. Masks should be replaced in time after being contaminated by patients’ blood and body fluids;
3. Quality guaranteed is 2 years if meets the storage conditions;
4. Please use this product within the validity period. If the packaging is damaged, it is prohibited to use it.
5. For the production date and expiration date, see the certificate of conformity or the outer packaging.
[Storage conditions] Please store in a clean, well-ventilated warehouse with relative humidity not exceeding 80% and non-corrosive gas.

Medical Mask wholesaler info
Medical Mask wholesale info
Medical Mask wholesaler
Medical Mask wholesale info
Medical Mask wholesale info

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